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Just signed up to a Mastodon instance and looking for accounts to follow for cloud security content?

I curated a non-comprehensive list:


(in alphabetical order)

Feel free to suggest more!


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A collection of vulnerable code snippets for several different vulnerabilities to practice your code analysis.

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Hello Mastodon.

I am looking for new PhD students to come work with me at the Oxford Internet Institute in 22/23 (@oiioxford) to study the future of data privacy and digital rights, the impact of AI and algorithms on digital platforms, and help co-create better digital futures.

Boosts very much appreciated! 🐘

#dataprivacy #digitarights #privacy #phd #academia

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I have a request.

Bad actors will soon figure out - if they haven't already - that setting up impersonations of important organizations now will allow them to set off an explosion of chaos and confusion at a time of their choosing.

So if you run an account for an organization (especially #LGBTQ), please set up link verification between your Mastodon account profile and your organization's website.

If not, please boost.

Instructions are here under "Link Verification":

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7,002,092 accounts
+10,020 in the last hour
+136,995 in the last day
+472,689 in the last week

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Si al final cae Twitter por la marcha masiva de trabajadores por negarse a plegarse a un jefe déspota será una buena noticia. Son los trabajadores los que crean la riqueza y son los trabajadores los únicos imprescindibles.

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Y esta una prueba de encuestas multirespuesta

¿Que softwares del #fediverso conoces?

(se agradece difusión para que la encuesta tenga interacciones y cumpla su función de testeo)

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¿Que paises están haciendo por llegar al acuerdo de Pais contra el cambio climático? Datos de Climate Action Tracker y mapa y artículo de

Algunas cosas que no me esperaba:
- Canada peor que EEUU
- Nueva Zelanda, nos cae bien a todos pero mierda
- Marruecos por el buen camino

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There's probably a silver lining in the shitshow that #ElonMusk is doing at #Twitter: it may have sentenced #Bluesky to death before it even picked up steam.

Dorsey & Co. were eager to implement the new idea of federation on top of Twitter. Years ago they walked away from the committee that was implementing ActivityPub for a simple reason: they wanted to be in charge of the protocol, they didn't want to give up their role as gatekeepers, they didn't want to embrace a protocol where they didn't have a majority.

The idea was that, being Twitter one of the largest social networks out there, it could rely on the law of big numbers. If one of the largest social media embraces a protocol, all of a sudden everybody else also has to embrace it in order to be compatible with them.

Except that Twitter is a dumpster fire now, more than half of its staff has been laid off, and those who are still there are looking for other jobs. It's ruled by a CEO that wants the "everything app" on the Chinese model (so much for the idea of an "open and federated network") and thinks that shutting down 80% of its microservices overnight is a good idea, and people are actually moving from Twitter to the Fediverse, not the other way around.

So Twitter, which was supposed to showcase the power of Bluesky and act as a Trojan horse to force the adoption of the new protocol, won't probably see anything moving any time soon. How are Dorsey & Co. going to showcase their creature? By building a new social network? Good luck with that!

Long live ActivityPub! (But hey, let's take some of the ideas of Bluesky on board, before the next villain comes: we need authentication for federated content, and we need to make it easier for users to move their data across platforms).

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Bueno, aprovecho que hemos actualizado a la versión 4.0.2 de Mastodon para traer nuevos iconos.

Ya que la parte de la actualización son cositas internas y no se aprecian para el usuario final, pues que mejor que más emojis de TKZ.One que podais disfrutar y utilizar.

Aquí teneis los nuevos, y recordad que como siempre, os irán apareciendo poco a poco.

¡Espero que os gusten!

Nuevos emojis de Anime:
:anime_bleach_ichigo: :anime_bnha1: :anime_bnha2: :anime_bnha3: :anime_bnha4: :anime_bnha5: :anime_db_freezer: :anime_db_krilin: :anime_db_krilin2: :anime_db_piccolo: :anime_db_vegeta3: :anime_doraemon: :anime_eva_asuka: :anime_eva_rei: :anime_eva_shinji: :anime_fairy1: :anime_fairy2: :anime_fairy3: :anime_fairy4: :anime_fairy5: :anime_fairy6: :anime_fairy7: :anime_fairy8: :anime_fma_edward: :anime_fma_roy: :anime_haikyuu1: :anime_haikyuu2: :anime_haikyuu3: :anime_haikyuu4: :anime_hxh_hisoka2: :anime_hxh_hisoka3: :anime_hxh_kurapika: :anime_kny_inosuke: :anime_kny_nezuko: :anime_kny_tanjiro: :anime_kny_zenitsu: :anime_mononoke: :anime_nausicaa: :anime_snk1: :anime_snk2: :anime_spy_anya: :anime_spy_bond: :anime_spy_bond2: :anime_spy_loid: :anime_spy_yor: :anime_toradora: :anime_totoro:

Nuevos iconos de Series y Cine:
:cine_disney_alf: :cine_disney_ali: :cine_disney_ariel: :cine_disney_bella: :cine_disney_buzz: :cine_disney_buzz2: :cine_disney_dory1: :cine_disney_dory2: :cine_disney_flanders: :cine_disney_gato: :cine_disney_genio: :cine_disney_rose2: :cine_disney_tremaine: :cine_minion1: :cine_minion2:

Nuevos iconos de Comics:
:comics_dc_aqua: :comics_dc_cat: :comics_dc_green: :comics_dc_harley: :comics_dc_ivy: :comics_dc_super: :comics_marvel_gaunlet: :comics_marvel_groot: :comics_marvel_min1: :comics_marvel_min2: :comics_marvel_rocket:

Nuevos iconos de animación:
:dibus_animaniacs: :dibus_dora: :dibus_heman1: :dibus_heman2: :dibus_pink1: :dibus_pink2: :dibus_pp1: :dibus_pp2: :dibus_pp3: :dibus_simp_bart: :dibus_simp_duff: :dibus_simp_homer: :dibus_simp_lisa: :dibus_simp_maggie: :dibus_simp_marge: :dibus_tmnt1: :dibus_tmnt2: :dibus_tmnt3: :dibus_tmnt4: :dibus_tom:

Nuevos iconos de Gaming:
:gaming_crash1: :gaming_crash2: :gaming_kh1: :gaming_kh2: :gaming_kirby1: :gaming_kirby15: :gaming_kirby16: :gaming_kirby17: :gaming_kirby18: :gaming_kirby2: :gaming_kirby20: :gaming_kirby21: :gaming_kirby22: :gaming_kirby3: :gaming_kirby4: :gaming_kirby5: :gaming_pacman1: :gaming_pacman10: :gaming_pacman2: :gaming_pacman3: :gaming_pacman4: :gaming_sonic3: :gaming_sonic4: :gaming_sonic5: :gaming_sonic6: :gaming_sonic7: :gaming_sonic8: :gaming_sonic9: :gaming_splatoon1: :gaming_splatoon2:

Nuevos iconos de música:
:musica_bowie: :musica_daft: :musica_dualipa: :musica_elton: :musica_elvis: :musica_freddy: :musica_greenday: :musica_lana: :musica_lenon: :musica_madona: :musica_metallica: :musica_nirvana: :musica_sia:

Otros iconos:
:otros_grumpy: :otros_onigiri: :otros_onigiri2: :otros_pizzacat:

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We just released a new open-source tool to identify malicious PyPI packages, using Semgrep rules and package metadata analysis!

Bonus: an analysis of malicious packages we found in the wild, and a corpus of 140+ at your disposal to play with.

Finding malicious PyPI packages through static code analysis: Meet GuardDog

Try it out and let me know what you think!

#supplychain #softwaresupplychain

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Con un 🔄 y♥️, me ayudarás a compartir este navegador que planta árboles gracias a tus búsquedas en Internet ya que el 80% de las ganancias son para plantar arboles.
Https:// Esta en cualquier navegador, Google Play y App Store.
No me pagan por la propaganda, pero mejor navegador que este no hay.

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So many people are having a bad first experience with Mastodon because they're using the official app which is lacking features, doesn't allow image uploads randomly, has random slowness, and doesn't give you easy access to the two most active feeds where you can find people (Local and Federated).

Please switch to Metatext, Tusky, or Tooot for a better mobile experience (or even use a browser).

Out of the >15k users that joined this week, over 11k are on the official apps.

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🎉 #Mastodon 4.0 is out now! This server software update includes a ton of improvements, like following hashtags, translating posts, editing, an improved filtering system, customizable user roles for administration, but also some important security fixes.

Check out the full changelog:

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De nuestras actividades destacamos principalmente las #JASYP (Jornadas de Anonimato, Seguridad y Privacidad), donde nos reunimos todos los años para hablar sobre estas mismas temáticas aprovechando vivir en una de las ciudades con las mejores vistas del mundo (😎) con un montón de personas que hemos ido conociendo a lo largo de los años, y en general cualquier persona que se anime a acercarse a compartir su conocimiento o sus inquietudes.

🔗 Enlace a la web:

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Este finde eché un par de horas en levantar una instancia de , bueno, la propia instancia desde donde publico este . Aqui explico el porqué y el cómo lo hice con

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